How to improve your iPhone’s App Store Rank

Figuring Out App Store Ranking Algorithm

When figuring out your App Store Rank, it’s important to understand that Apple’s App Store search is run just like any intelligent search engine, i.e. Google, Bing or Yahoo. No search result is an accident. There are many factors that play into getting your app on top of the search results page. For the purposes of actually providing relevant information, I will be using an app that BKLYN built for one of our clients, Raaly ( Raaly is an app that helps anyone book Coworking Space on Demand. Now that I’ve set the stage, here are a few things to consider:

What’s in a Name?

Your app may be called Gary’s Cool App but that may not help your app store rank. The app name, as it pertains to Apple’s search ranking needs to be relevant to the product you are looking to sell. For example, here is what we wrote for Raaly inside Apples profile when submitting the app to the app store:


Notice that we didn’t just put “Raaly”, we actually added a descriptor “Coworking on Demand”. This helps since most people who are looking to use Raaly are also looking for Coworking spaces. Make sure you add context to your app when submitting it to the app store.

Preview Videos Please

In the Fall of 2014, Apple introduced the Preview Video. They wanted to help users get a better sense of what they were getting before downloading an app, it’s a simple and brilliant Idea. Yes, putting together a video is a daunting task but it makes a hell of a lot of difference and our clients have seen an instant increase in app store impressions. Remember if you want to be on top, you need to follow Apple’s rules.

Raaly Preview Video for App Store Rank BKLYN.CO APP DEVELOPMENT

Cover Photos

Your cover photos matter. Don’t just put a screenshot of your app. Cover photos should help the user understand what your app does. Even better, it should tell a story. Not only does this help you rank better, it improves download conversion.

Raaly Cover Photos App Store Rank BKLYN.CO APP DEVELOPMENT

5-Star Ratings & Reviews

It would make sense that apps with high ratings get higher result preference over apps that don’t. Make sure to ask your users to rate and review your app. Just remember, don’t over do it. Annoying review requests can get annoying and turn off app users. Come up with a happy medium that works best for your app and your users.

Raaly Ratings App Store Rank BKLYN.CO APP DEVELOPMENT

More Love for More updates

If your app is stale, Apple will treat it as so. If you think getting your app to the app store one time and forgetting about it is enough, well you’re dead wrong. If you care about your users and improving your app over time, then Apple will reward you! Make sure to update your app on a consistent basis. With Raaly, we try to get new updates on the app store every 2-3 weeks minimum. This not only helps us adapt to user based feedback but also keep retention to a minimum. Remember, updates are not only good for app store ranking, they can remind existing users about your app and may even inspire them to use it again.


Stay in the know when it comes to Apple’s App Store updates and improvements. Every change can mean an impact on how your app will show up in the App store. Use the techniques on top for instant improvements and if you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us at Good luck on getting your app to #1!


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