Interning at BKLYN.CO

Right now as a student majoring in Computer Science at Oswego University, I need all the experience I can get with anything relating to Computer Science. My Brother Gary offered to show me how BKLYN.CO works and ever since he started his company I have been curious to see it in action. Suffice it to say, this internship opportunity was a very exciting one for me.

I took the train to NYC from Long island and then walked from penn station to BKLYN’s office near Times Square. My brother introduced me to Sabrina and Malcom on his team. For the week that I have been there, everyone works with a smile on their face. The atmosphere is relaxed and calm as we get through projects together as a team. When a break is needed we grab food and talk. The  environment is stress-free as everyone gets what they need to get done and each day is as progressive as the last. 

To get a taste for this work Gary had me look into ReactJS. This Javascript library is one the new powerful tools in application development. I have only dealt with basic languages Java & C++ so I am taking my time to understand ReactJS and Javascript all together. Using online resources, I am slowly putting together how to use ReactJS in a real application scenario. As I try out different practice programs Malcolm, the Project Manager here quickly helps me get through any coding errors that I can’t seem to figure out myself.

To show me how they create apps, Gary took me into a conference room where he and Sabrina, the Project Coordinator and Designer were working on the design phase for a client. Gary displayed the basic structure of the app and how it would look. Gary took suggestions and ideas of creativity. This demo app although still in it’s infancy stage, was already on its way to becoming a live application.

All-together even though I have only been there for about a week and will only stay until I have to go back to school at the end of August, the experience is absolutely worth it because I am learning skills beyond what I’ve been taught in class. BKLYN CO is a genuinely nice place to work which makes it a fun place to work.

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