Stop Procrastination with StayFocusd App

A lot of you may remember that I used to send out newsletters with fun techy tips and tricks that help with productivity, business development and marketing strategies. I stopped working on this because of my focus on building my app development company, BKLYN.

I’ve decided that the two actually overlap quite a bit and after working on my business plan for 2017, I figured, why not give the people what they want??! 😉

From now on, I’ll continue to send you cool tech tips and maybe we can begin to re-build that long lost bou dat? (intentional). So here I am, really excited to tell you about the product

I’m featuring this month. This one, is for those of you who have procrastination issues (like me).

Here’s what I mean…

Have you ever gotten lost in the wormhole of the world wide web? Let me paint you a picture:

You’re working on an important project.
You get a notification on your laptop or phone that someone posted something about Trump.
You’re furious because you disagree and you go on Facebook to check it out.

You start doing some research to learn whether or not your friend’s claims about what’s happening are accurate.
You respond with your own opinion.
Other friends start getting involved.
All of a sudden, 30 minutes has gone by and you have done absolutely ZERO work.
Sound like you? It’s something I battle with every single day.

The answer? StayFocused, a Google Chrome extension that blocks how long you’re allowed to browse useless websites that waste your time.

How to get it:
1. You need to be using Google Chrome as your web browser
2. You need to download the StayFocusd chrome extension, here:
How it works:
1. Once downloaded, StayFocusd is always ON
2. As you browse the web, you can set specific websites as “time-wasters”.
3. When you go on to those websites, StayFocusd will automatically start counting down how much time you’re spending on the site. You can decide how long the limit is set to, but the default is 10 minutes.
4. Once you go over 10 minutes, StayFocused will block the website until the next day. No more Facebook, no more memes until tomorrow.
5. Don’t worry if you get sad and want to get back on Facebook, you can always disable the extension or pause StayFocusd.

I will tell you one thing: I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and I can undeniably say my productivity has increased 2 fold. If you share my struggle, get StayFocusd today and let me know how it goes!

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